Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Reasons

After reading Beckah's and Ashli's blog posts, I decided to join in the fun of this Beckah invented tag post.
She asked everyone that has read her blog to list a 100 reasons as to why they love their other half.
As you all know my Other half is Eddie and here are the 100 reasons I love him (In no particular order)
100. Eddie pushes me to complete my goals, even when I think I have had enough of trying.
99. He is a foot taller then me and I find that so so sexy
98. No one, including me can stay mad at Eddie for to long! He just has this cute puppy look about him.
97. I can honestly say my husband is more romantic than most.
96. He is not afraid to tell me I am wrong.
95. He handles all of our finances.
94. He doesn't make me watch scary movies with him, but he will still watch chick flicks with me.
93. He cannot walk past me without patting my bum or kissing my neck.
92. He can cook on the grill like there is no tomorrow.
91. He brags about me to they guys at work.
90. He still surprises me with gifts almost every week just because he was thinking about me.
89. He never lets me think any of my ideas are dumb.
88. He loves his nieces so much, but wants to have boys when we have kids.
87. He plays the guitar for me whenever I ask.
86. He has written 3 songs for me.
85. Eddie makes me laugh, all the time.
84. He is not afraid to laugh at me.
83. I think he is a little obsessed with our dog Apollo.
82. He is willing to try anything at least once with me.
81. I feel safe in his arms.
80. He loves to cuddle.
79. He teats me as his equal.
78. He loves to say that it is my dad's fault that I am spoiled and all he is doing is dealing with it. But we all know he spoils me more then my dad ever did.
77. He trusts me
76. He knows I love him.
75. Even if he is not interested in what I want to do he still support me in it.
74. He loves my Family.
73. He loves his family.
72. He was willing to learn how to ballroom dance with me and was better at it then I was.
71. I love the way his eyes water up when he is really laughing.
70. He love camping.
69. He understands what I am trying to say, when no one else does.
68. He is a guys guy.
67. He has a undecidable passion of life.
66. He always kisses me good bye no matter what.
65. he is content just being with me.
64. Eddie is stubborn, I know this shouldn't be a quality I love but he is so hot when he is set in his way.
63. He giggles when he is super excited but caught off guard.
62. He looks at me like I am the only girl around.
61. He has his own interests in life that are just his.
60. He hates to see me cry.
59. He never makes me carry heavy things or grocery bags.
58. We talk each other into pretty much anything (Some days I wonder if this is a bad thing)
57. He is spontaneous of me.
56. He is a very hard worker.
55. He is a great provider.
54. He never lets me talk bad about myself
53. He cares how he looks for me.
52. He smells good all the time.
51. When he hugs me he consumes me.
50. I could put him in a room full of woman and know I have nothing to worry about BUT I couldn't leave him alone in a room full of speakers.
49. He is truly my best friend, I can tell him anything.
48. When he smiles my hole word lights up.
47. He takes very good care of his body.
46. He is the black sheep of his family (that was one of the first things Phyllis ever said to me " I am glade to see that someone likes that black sheep of the family")
45. He loves his mother so much he made her breakfast on the day the Ashli, Brian and the girls left to go back home.
44. He can be just like his dad sometimes.
43. He loves his sister and hates the fact that he can't see her everyday.
42. He enjoys creating music with his brother.
41. He is a good driver (this one seems dumb but it is really important to me)
40. He likes to wear what he calls "man accessories" a.k.a. necklaces
39. He is great at dealing with my emotional issues.
38. He has the most gorgeous eyes ever.
39. He is a hopeless romantic.
38. Me makes cute little slide shows for me.
37. He has the softest lips.
36. He is not afraid to give his opinion.
35. He is a flirt with me and sometime really old woman and waitresses
34. He can be very charming without even trying.
33. He does all the yard work.
32. He is a very strong man.
31. Eddie is a gentleman.
30. He is not as innocent as he plays to everyone else (I think it is cute).
29. He thinks he is the favorite.
28. He dresses very well.
27. He gets really into football games, but if I really need him he will stop just to help me.
26. We can sit back and day dream about anything together.
25. He thinks my Chip restaurant idea is great.
24. He makes me want to be better a person, just for the simple fact that he is amazing.
23. He will make a wonderful dad someday.
22. Eddie really truly cares about my happiness
21. Eddie is so easy to to love and be in love with, I have never had things just "work" so well everyday.
20. He wants the best for our little family.
19. He is motivated.
18. He can calm me down in the worst of times with just a hug and a kiss.
17. He is responsible
16. We can have intelligent and dumb conversations.
15. He is easy to talk to.
14. He is a Geek and it is sexy.
13. He can talk for hours about technology.
12. He is all I need in this world
11. HE is not afraid of getting dirty.
10. He can fix anything around the house.
9. Eddie is everything a husband should be.
8. He is not afraid to kiss me, hug me or love on my in public.
7. He falls for my pout face and a smile every time.
6. I fall for his puppy dog eyes every time.
5. He is shy when he meets people for the first time.
4. He listens to music all the time.
3. I know that he will always be there for me no matter what.
2. I love him for who his is, I wouldn't change anything about him.
1. He wipes my tears away when I cry.

OK so there you go!!!!!! I tag everyone that reads this blog. I think this is good exercise for the soul.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Happens In Vegas.......

What Happens in Vegas....... will be posted on my blog !!!! I am so excited Eddie, Destiny, Mike and myself leave for our Las Vegas in a little over a week. We decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas after we found out my work was paying for me and my spouse(Eddie)to go to a conference in Mesquite,NV. We figure if we were going to be in that area anyway we should take a few more days off and head down to Vegas(which is like a hour and a half away). We will spend 2 days in Mesquite and 4 days in Las Vegas.
It has been about 7 years since I have been to Vegas and Eddie has never been. We want to see everything the strip has to offer. The 2 times I have been down there I never had the chance to visit the old strip, so that is definitely on our to-do list. My cousin John lives down there,so will will get to visit with him. We will be staying at the Luxor(the hotel that is shaped like a pyramid).

What are some of the cool places you have been to in Vegas? What would you say are the "must see" places in Vegas?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V-Day and Snowboarding!!!!!

Until I met Eddie I was not big fan of Valentine’s Day (not even when I was in other relationships). I guess that Eddie has brought the romantic out in me because now I actually enjoy excuse to be corny and lovie.

Eddie and I decided after much thought to stay home for the occasion rather than go out to the melting pot or any other super busy restaurant. We made our own fondue dinner that was to die for. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We had a variety of fondue items...

Pearl onions
Yellow bell peppers
French bread
Pita Bread
All of these Items were either cooked in a fondue pot filled with peanut oil or dipped in yummy fondue cheese. Top this off with two glasses of some really good wine, a few candles and you have yourself a picture perfect fondue Valentines dinner at half the cost a fondue dinner at the melting pot.

We also exchanged gifts, I gave Eddie a body grooming razor he wanted. Eddie gave me a long steam pink rose and he made me a slide show with pictures of him and I with one of my favorite songs playing in the background. It was so cute I cried. We also bought a Wii Fit for the both of us to enjoy.

AS a part of our Valentine’s Day celebrations we went snowboarding on Sunday with my Dad, Destiny and Mike.

All And All it was a wonderful Weekend.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I would say being creative is my passion. I say it is my passion because I have several creative outlet and enjoy finding new ways to be creative.I think everyone should have some some sort of outlet in lift regardless of what it may be. Mine just happens to be creating things.
I create through.....

Throwing Pottery on the wheel

Making sculptures with clay

Scrap booking

Painting (this is a new one)

Cooking and Baking

Interior Design (this is just my house but I thought about going back to school to get a degree)
Photography (I am not great at it, but it is fun to take pictures)

And last but not least I really enjoy making jewelry. The funniest thing about this hobby is that I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I always have my wedding ring on. When I am "dressing up" I put on the nice jewelry, I but other than that I might wear a necklace, earrings and rings once a week. I have made about 10 different jewelry sets in the last 3 weeks and I thought I would share with you what I have created.

My question to everyone is what is your outlet in life? or How are you creative? Write about in on your own blog or leave me a comment. Or leave me a comment on whatever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My New Do !!!!

I should have made this post about a week ago but Life has been crazy. Here are the pictures of my new hair color. I decided to go dark with thick blonde highlight. I would like to thank everyone for their honest opinions, I enjoyed them all.

Here is a picture of me in glasses most people don't know that I even wear them. I prefer wearing contacts. But every once and a while I put them on to give my eyes a rest and because Eddie thinks I look sexy in them (I think Eddie's crazy but whatever)