Monday, November 17, 2008

Much Needed Family Portraits

I believe the last time the Kerr family had professional portraits done was the early 90's, maybe even late 80's. Needless to say we were well over do for some high quality family portraits.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall landscape and have our pictures taken outside at Memory Grove. Steve from Shutter Bugz did a wonderful job taking our photos and getting the two dogs to look at him. It was a really fun day and the Portraits turned out great. Here are some of the wonderful portraits he took.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at our up to date Kerr family Portraits!!!!!!

For those of you who are wondering "What about the Greenwood's?" no need to worry we have family Portraits scheduled for December when The Ashli, Brian and the girls come down. I am very excited about these photos and as soon as we get the proofs I will post them. Have a great day!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I know, I know, It has been a while!!!!!

So it has been a good month since I have posted anything with any real substance about what is going on in this little Greenwood/Kerr family of mine. So I am writing this post to bring every one up to speed with what has been happening.
First of all here are the picture of our Wyoming trip, that my wonderful husband recovered for me. The day we got into town we went to The Oil Bowl. This is the big football game between the two high Schools in Casper. We were very excited to be apart of this small town rivalry.Kelly Walsh was the school we were rooting for. My dad and all of my aunts and uncles went there. My cousin Kelsi is cheerleader there. It was a lot of fun to see her cheer. The next morning Aunt Sandy had us over for breakfast. This was heaven for Eddie, he absolutely loves Aunt Sandy's sausage biscuits and gray. Later that day Grinny and I went through some Cook books and some dishes of hers. She gave me a set of nine yellow glass plates that were her mothers and about a dozen cook books (Even one that was printed in 1967). I am very excited and thankful to have these beautiful gifts she gave me. It is really cool that I have some thing that my Great Grandmother used. I can pass these plates down to my children. That afternoon we all went to church at Highland community Church. Eddie says it reminded him of the church he went to growing up;Mountain View. After church we had a family party at my Uncle Kelly and Aunt P.j.'s house where we enjoy great food, great company and a had a fun game of Family Feud ; the women vs. the men. Of course the women stomped on the men. While we were up there we also went to this neat restaurant called Sanford's pub and Grub, we hung out with my wonderful grandmother Grinny and enjoyed being around the family. When Sunday came around it was really hard for me to leave...... I always have a hard time saying good bye to my Grinny. I love her so much. I cried for about an hour after we left. ( Sorry the Photos are out of order)
Eddie and Grinny
Toni, Angela, Aunt P.J. David and Uncle Kelly

Grinny and I
Eddie eating Aunt Sandy's Famous Sausage biscuits and Gravy (This is the whole reason he came to Wyoming)
Kelsi Cheering at the Kelly Walsh Football game
It is a long Drive to Wyoming
This is the Oil Bowl..... Kelly Walsh Vs. the other high school in Casper N.C???? I think LOL
Angela enjoying the game

Aunt Pam
Uncle Kelly, David and Eddie talking football
Uncle Tom and I

Kelly Walsh Lost but we had fun anyway
If you have ever driven t0 Wyoming you know there is not much to see except for wind mills

It was a long drive

Kelsi Showing me her Co-Ed dress.

My home away from home Grinny's House

Here are some pictures of Destiny's birthday celebration. I made her a birthday cake. Mike got her a Twilight shirt and we had dinner at Red Rock.

Last but not least the Utah vs. TCU football game. It was a lot of fun. If you want to know more about the actual game check out Eddie's blog...... He has a post all about it. I am only posting the picture from the game.

So there you go. That is what we have been doing this last month......... I forgot the pictures from the Halloween party. I guess I have a post for another day. Have a happy Monday!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I only have 3 or 4 things to say at this moment...

  • I am Proud to be an American
  • I am Proud that our country is making history.
  • I am glade to have freedom of speech.
  • I am scared.....I knew I would be....... no matter who won.... I guess I am little scared of change.
  • I have faith in God.
  • I was moved by both McCain and Obama.
  • I am happy what this moment shows our future generations........ You can grow up to be anything you want no matter who you are.

OK, so it was more then 3 or 4, but these are my thoughts short and simple. I am not great on elaborating on my feelings or really explaining them for that matter.