Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One of Those Days!!!

99.9% of the time I view myself as a self confident, likable, easy going, attractive, positive and in general a good person. Well today is that 0.1% where I think the complete opposite of myself and have become quite analytical about everything. Today I fill frumpy, unlikable, I am a lot more on edge, not very positive and I feel like I haven't been paying enough attention to all areas and aspects of my life. Oh and don't forget the fact that I analyze ever thing tell I worry myself sick. Don't ask me why I am telling you all this... maybe if I see it in writing and get it off my chest it will somehow fix it. I know, that I will more than likely be back to my same happy go lucky self tomorrow.... but today still has quite a few hours left in it. I have the house to myself tonight maybe I should go home and take a bubble bath, eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream and read a book until my husband gets home. Or maybe I should socialize with friends I don't see much anymore. ANYWAY...... I guess I just needed to "Vent" as they say. This posting is just one of those bad day postings, really no need to worry.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Mr. Multi-Talented

My wonderful husband has had a heavy work load this past week; long hours, no breaks, demanding clients and a lot of physical labor. He walked in the door last night at around 8:30pm with the look of total exhaustion on his face. Even in his present state he still laughed and smiled with me at dinner, he helped me finish folding laundry (even when I asked him to stop), he listened to me re-cap on my day and he held me in bed until those gorgeous green eyes of his could no longer stay open. I just want to say... Thank you Eddie for all you do for me. When Eddie is not playing A/V Guru for the Grand America, he plays plenty of other demanding roles in his life as a husband. Eddie is...

My Hopeless Romantic
My Plumber
My Dog Trainer
My Personal Trainer
My Photographer
My Electrician
My Cheerleader
My Physiatrist
My Grill Master
My Gardener
My Bug Killer
My Hiking Buddy
My Security Blanket
My Best Friend
My Comedian
My Mechanic
My Song Writer
My One Man Band
My Cuddle Buddy
My Knight in Shining Armor

Eddie is pretty much a Jack-of -all -Trades in my eyes. I don’t think there is anything that he can’t do. He is my hero. Even If he couldn’t change a Light bulb I would love him because...

He is all things A/V Geek.
He is so good looking that I could look at him for hours.
He has more shoes then me.
He is a great story teller.
He is the only man that I have ever felt truly safe with (besides my father)
I can trust him alone in a room full of Single Sexy women, but not alone in a room full of speakers.
He is the only man that I know that will not turn his head when a woman in a bikini walks past, but his jaw drops and his eyes bug out when he is near any sort of “state of the art” Stage set-up.
He wakes me up at one in the morning just to ask me if he can have a kiss.
He is a white boy that can’t dance, but he does it anyway when he thinks no one is looking.
He says when we have children, the best thing will be when he gets to take out teen daughter out on her first date and coach our son’s little league team.
He only has eyes for me
His kisses melt me.
From day one he has always been himself.
He puts up with my emotionally driven attitude.
He has ruff working hands that I find very sexy.
He gets projects 90% done and then just kind of moves on to the next project.
When he laughs his eyes water a little
He uses commas in writing like they are going out of style.
He smells like everything yummy.
He says he can tell me “no” but we both know he hasn't yet .
He is so stubborn and bull headed I can’t help but challenge him.
He makes me smile even when I am so mad at him I could scream.
He never raises his voice with me when he is angry
He loves his family.
He loves his nieces.
He fits in with my family better than I do.
He gets really silly after just a few glasses of wine.
He is proud of me.
He is a very respectful man.
He won’t let me open a door when he is with me.
I have never loved anything the way I love Eddie
He will do anything with me just to be with me.
He is not only my husband he is the best friend I have ever had
Making up after we argue is way too much fun.
He is a foot taller than me and when he hugs me he consumes me.
He will pull me away in the middle of cooking just too slow dance with me to a romantic song.
He can’t make it thru a car ride without making fun of at least 3 songs I want to listen to.
He spoils our dog.
He looks really cool on his motorcycle.
He doesn’t let me hid behind my fears
He is patient when it comes to my “baggage” even though none of it is his fault.
He will be a very attractive older man.
I know he will be by my side for the rest of my life
I have never felt so loved or loved someone more then I love him.

I could write page after page about reason why I love Eddie. I will stop here. Eddie I love you, I respect you and I want you to know all the hard work you do does not go unnoticed. I am the luckiest girl alive to have such an amazing man.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can !!!

I am bound and determined to start a cooking club. I have talked about for over 6 months now and have yet to put my words into action.... Well folks, today is the day I am taking the first steps towards starting a cooking club. I am building a blog page that will have information about each meeting and each member, places for family and friends to post recipes, fun facts, etc. I am hoping I can have a meeting once a month, each month hosting at a different members home. For my out of town members... they can interact through the blog page, with pictures, questions and recipes. Oh and don't worry since the blog page will have information about members it will be on a invite only setting. I even have a name. Tell me what you think...

Culinary Queens In Training or C.Q.I.T

If you are interested , let me know!!!
More information to to come.

Happy Friday!!!

Yes, I am a Fan...

I know, I know, first it was the Harry Potter series and now it is the Twilight series... I love the books, I do, I can't help it. We all know when books are popular they turn them into movies. Just for the record: I am one of those who believes that the book it always better then the movie and I would take reading a book over watching a movie any day, that said... I do look forward to the Harry Potter movies and I am looking forward to the Twilight Movie. On that subject here is the link to the new trailer for the movie...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Four Questions...

I have Four question for all of the married, soon to be married or once married people...

Is Love an Emotion or a Choice?

Do you have a Covenant Marriage or Contract Marriage?

What is your Love Language?

Is your Love Tank full?

These same questions are asked in the books "The Five Love Languages" and "Now You Are Speaking My Language" By Dr. Gary Champman. Eddie and I have read these books together and absolutely loved them.

I learned a lot about myself and my husband from reading these books. I would recommend them to anyone that is getting married, is married and has been married. If the four questions I have asked you are a little confusing but have sparked some interest, you will love these books.

Now for my answers to these questions...

Is Love an Emotion or a Choice?

I believe love is a collection of every emotion and action out there, for the simple fact that there is a chance you can experience every emotion and action in a marriage. That said, I choose to love Eddie no matter what comes along with that. I love Eddie to benefit him and I try to love Eddie in the way he feels most loved. I love the saying "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all". I wouldn't give live up with Eddie for anything I welcome every moment good and bad.

Do you have a Covenant Marriage or Contract Marriage?

Eddie and I are trying everyday to have the covenant marriage God intended for us. I love Eddie for the benefits it brings him and he loves me for the benefits it brings to me. I do not love him for what it might give, or do for me, nor does he. That is what these books describe as a contact marriage, people love each other on the basis that their spouse will give them something or act a certain way, accomplish certain things, etc.

What is your Love Language?

My primary love languages are "receiving gifts" and "physical touch". Some days I think I have a little bit of "word or affirmation" in me.

Is your Love Tank full?

My tank is over flowing it is so full. Eddie, thank you for the wonderful, fun filled, "Chippery" weekend.

OK, so you have my answers, I would like to hear yours. The last two questions might be hard to answer for the people that have not read the books, but you are more then welcome to try.