Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to come in 2010 and Other Random Thoughts

I know I know it has been a month since I have made a post on my blog..... What can I say stuff happens.

I thought I would update everyone on the happenings of my life, the hopes I have for 2010 and anything else I hope will happen this year!!!

- Christmas and New Years were both wonderful. I would categorize may Christmas as very crafty I got a lot of really cool things to "Craft" with.

- My sister Desi is going back to school for dental hygiene and I am so proud of her.

- My father just turned 51... Dang he is getting old .... LOL

- I found out I will soon be a Aunt of 4, My sister and brother in law are expecting again and I am very very excited for them. They make cute children.

-Eddie and I are taking a international gourmet cooking class starting on Thursday. I am very very happy about this. It will be something fun for Eddie and I to do together. I am hoping to take my camera to class so I can take pictures and post them. I love that we try new things together.

- Eddie and I get to go visit Ashli (my sister in law) and her beautiful family this year. Thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift from Mama Phyllis. I am elated to see my nieces, there new home and spend time with my Ashli and B.

- I'm learning how to solder and cut glass let me tell you it is easier then it looks, but I think I am geeting the hang of it. I am learning to solder and cut glass so that I may make my own pendents, trinkets and so on. As soon as I have a good grasp on it I hope to learn how to make stained glass art work. Yes I am adding Soldering, Pendent making, Trinket making and stained glass to my already long list of crafts I enjoy doing.

- I am already looking forward to camping this year. We bought our tent trailer last year and did not get as much camping time out of it as we would have liked to but we are making it a goal to use it much more this year.

- I continuing to be on a good path with living a healthy lifestyle. I still feel really good about my progress. I think I have got a good grasp on it. I am looking forward to reaching that next level.

- Eddie and I are great. I love and respect him more and more everyday. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

- Now this is more of a hope then a actual plan but I am hoping to go on at least two other vacations this year One somewhere warm like Cancun and somewhere adventure filled like white water rafting.

Well I am sure I am forgetting something but I think that is a pretty good start to what I am looking forward to in 2010.

Peace Love and Apple sauce!!