Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Year Wedding Anniversary June 14th 2009

Okay as you can see by the title this post is about mine and Eddie's 2 year wedding anniversary but to be more specific our anniversary trip. And YES our anniversary was over a month ago and all of these pictures were taken then but we had so much fun I could not help but share some of them.

Eddie and I ventured up to Sun Valley, Idaho where we stayed at the Sun Valley resort for the weekend (own by Grand America where Eddie works). Oh and before I forget it was all paid for by Eddie's work.... Yes it was FREE all we had to do is pay for tips. The Resort was beautiful the mountain it was on was even more breath taking!!!

Sun Valley resort is more like a small village, it had about 6 restaurants, 15 shopping places, a movie theatre and about a million trials.

In the front of the resort there was a big pond that had a big swan family in it and posted all around the pond were these warning signs.
And yes Eddie and I got chased by the father swan while taking some pictures!!! I was a lot more scared of them then Eddie was.
This is a picture of me eating my favorite thing in the world hand dipped chocolate covered almonds. I also had the best chocolate covered strawberries!!!!
I love this picture!!!! Eddie is looking at a bike trail map and yes he is lost.

Eddie id the worlds sweetest husband, while I was taking pictures of the mountains he made a bouquet of wildflowers for me. I snapped this picture because he is just so so cute!!! Eddie and I went for a 6 mile bike ride and it was a lot of fun it started to rain on the way back but it was the funniest part of the ride I think.

I love this picture of the swan family!!!

So there you have it a quick recap of our trip!!!