Friday, June 19, 2009

2 Years Later

Eddie and I were married 2 years ago on June 14th a.k.a. Flag day and we have been together for three years as of June 6th. Now I know you are all expecting me to write about our wonderful weekend getaway and I will but not in this post.

this post is going to be about my thoughts on marriage and what it is like to be Eddies wife and a spouse in general. Please bare with me for this is going to be more of a random list full of one word sentences, half paragraph and so on and so forth then an actual story or whatever.

- Loving another person for who they are is 99% choice and 1% emotional butterfly feelings.

- I never knew half of my soul was missing until I meet Eddie and he filled it.

- Marriage is hard work period. but it is the most rewarding and satisfying thing when all your hard work pays off.

- Eddie is my best friend, not because we have so much in common or that we view life the same ways (because in a lot of cases we are different) he is my best friend because I enjoy his view on life and respect it regardless of my views and I know he feels the same. He is the one person I can be 100% me around and know that he will never think less of me even if he has a different opinion on the matter.


- I try everyday to be the wife that God has intended me to be and respect my husband as the head of our family second only to God. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be but that will never stop me from trying.

- How can I describe Marriage.......... Do you know the tingling feeling the rushes over your body seconds before you get goose bumps?, the prickling feeling that seems to paralyze your body the moment before you jump into the fear of the unknown or the fluttering that seems to consume your stomach the instant you realize that you are having that”picture perfect” moment in life. Whenever these moments occur, the whole world seems to slow down but your heart beats faster.............

-There are two types of people in this world the first group are those people that prepare for a disaster before it ever happens they have emergency kits, food storage, a plan of action,etc. They are prepared for if and when these disasters happen (and in some cases they never do) but these people rest easier at night know that they are prepared just in case. The second group of people are not prepared and will never be prepared for what ever reason and when disaster happens they either fight tell the finish to make thing right or they throw in the towel. I am not saying one group of people are better then the other just some personality types like to be prepared in life. I think the same thing applies to marriage you can either be prepared for disaster that will more then likely come or you can try to find a plan of action after the disaster has hit and for a lot of people in this case they fight until they think they think they can't fight anymore and throw in the towel. Eddie and I have choose to be apart of the prepared group when it comes to our marriage we read relationship books, we try everyday to understand each other personality types and we work at our marriage everyday. I know that disaster will come along in our marriage and I want to be prepared for them, and who knows maybe being as prepared as we can it will be more like a small storm rather then a full on disaster.

-Are you prepared?

- I have know Eddie for three years now. I would say I know him better then anyone else he knows. That said I can still learn something new about him everyday and I do. All it really takes is keeping my eyes open and my ears turned on and I find things I may have missed up to this point or even things that just now came to be valid in our lives. To me it is amazing what you can learn just watching a person eat a meal.

- Wives cry a lot more then husbands. Good or bad.

- Women have a lot more words to use up in a day then men do.

- When you are wrestling with your husband trying with all of your might to not get ticked 1) realize it is a losing battle if your husband is a foot taller then you 2)Blankets on your legs really make it a losing battle 3)when he threatens to stick his tongue in your ear and nose and he actually starts doing it and you can't stop laughing and you should throw in the towel and say "Uncle"

- Being Married to Eddie is by far the best thing in the world. Hello who wouldn't be elated for the opportunity to spend the rest of their life with their best friend, their souls other half and of course their partner in crime!!!

- On that note; did you know it is a lot more fun to get into trouble, be embarrassed, laugh until you wet your pants and experience life unexpected moments your spouse. I know it is for me.

- Getting pooped on by a bird on a motorcycle is only funny when you are riding on Eddie's motorcycle with him. It is so funny in fact that if you are me you almost fall off the back because you are shacking from the laughter.

- Crying a bad day away is a lot easier when you can cry it away on your best friend's/ hubby's shoulder.

- It seems to me when you get married you forget your spouse's real name. I call eddie Babe,Stinky,Greenwood, EdDawg, hubby bubby and anything else I can think of before I call him Eddie. The same goes for him but the things he calls me turn my cheeks red so I will leave them out.

- The moment you get married everyone starts asking when you will have babies. ANSWER: Not for at least the next 2 to 3 years and that all depend on if Eddie and I are done being selfish with each other. Yes that will put me close to 30 or past thirty when we start having kids but as my Doctor told me (who happened to have her first at 38) I still am many many years away from having to worry about birth problems.

- Eddie makes me a better person as I do for him. He actively helps me reach my goals. " What are we going to do tonight Brain?" "the same thing we do every night Pinky... Try to take over the World!!!!" Eddie= Pinky & Brittany = The Brain
If you don't know where this is from I feel so sorry for you. And Yes Eddie makes me feel like I can take over the world.

OK well I have listed more things then all of you probably care to read and a put one to many un-necessary quotes so I am calling this a wrap. Leave a comment if you would like!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Baby Sister is Getting Married!!!

My Baby sister Destiny and Mike is getting married on August 1st. Destiny and Mike make a great couple and I am glade to see them take this next step in their lives together.
Desi asked me to be her Matron of Honor, Joan (our great friend, who was also in my line) and our cousin Rachelle to be brides maids. Now our main task as Brides maid is to embarrass the snot out of her (along with other thing such as helping her with the wedding, etc, etc). Well a sure fire way to do this is to throw her a Naughty or Nice bridal shower. We did just that on Saturday. Joan and I came up with some fun games, prepares some sinful and saintly foods and decorated my back yard in glittery black and pink. Add a bride and you have yourself a fun and not to over the top embarrassing shower for a more then deserving sister. Here are some random picture of us playing games, eating great food and enjoy the look on Desi face as she opens up gifts. I love you Sissy and I am so happy for you!!! A girl could not ask for a better sister.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missing In Action

I know a lot of you have been wondering why I have been M.I.A. Well The short answer is I have been super busy at work. One of my Directors is on maturity leave and so I am not only doing my job but hers as well. By the time I get home and do all the other none work related things on my to do list it leaves little time to even check my emails let a lone write a blog post. Well Today I have a moment to write a post so I will get everyone up to speed as to what has been happening over this last month and a half.
First off I Have Great News!!!
Most of you that read this blog know that I am a Administrative Director over two Learning Center. You may be asking yourself "What does a Administrative Director Do?"
ANSWER: In my case, I handle all the Human resource, budgeting, some accounting, marketing, advertising, insurance, I am head of the management team, I write grant proposals, oversee grant fulfillment's etc, etc.
Basically I handle the "business" end of the company, and have taken over 90% of the owner's responsibilities. I have around 50 employees that I manage with help from the two center directors and three assistant directors. Ok now that you all know a little background about what I do for a living I can tell you the Great news...... as you can see I put the words "I write grant proposals" in bold well that is because that is where the great news is coming from. Up until about three months ago most of the grant proposals I have written have been for a rather small amount of money. Well, three months ago I wrote a grant proposal that would give the company almost triple digits worth of monies over the next three years. This grant proposal was by far the largest and the most intense proposal I have ever written. To tell the truth I did not think we would even get it. BUT Last month we received a letter in the mail informing us that our proposal has been excepted!!! I am so happy that we will be received this funding to improve a current program in our company. As this was a huge accomplishment for me Eddie surprised me with a celebration weekend get away. I know I know I am the world's luckiest woman, Eddie is the best. Thanks honey I love you so so much.
Like I said this was a surprise so as I got ready Friday night for our normal date night I really had no idea what Eddie has in store. All he told me was that I needed to bring a change of clothing. The first thing on Eddies list of wonderful surprises was he took me to feed the ducks, which was great because I had been asking him if we could fed the ducks for months.
From there Eddie took me to the Gateway Mall for a mini shopping spree. Eddie let me pick out a few new really cute outfits. I love going shopping with Eddie he always makes me feel good about the outfits I pick out but is honest with me when he doesn't like them.
After we shopped until we dropped, Eddie drove us to the Hotel Monaco downtown and informed me that we would be staying there for the night. I was so excited, not only was it a great hotel but we were in the heart of downtown.

After we settled in to the Hotel, Eddie told me that we could go anywhere I wanted to go for a night on the town, dinner and drinks were on him. We ran through a list of about a million places that would be great to hang out for the night and I finally decided on the dueling piano bar right next door to the hotel called "Keys on Main". We got there at about nine sat down had dinner then sang a long to songs, talked, laughed and just enjoyed the night until about one in the morning when we decided to head back to the Hotel and call it a night.
The next morning we got up and ate the best eggs Benedict I have ever had in the hotel restaurant. It was by far the best celebration for an accomplishment I have ever had. I have the world best husband and it was the worlds best time!!!
Well obviously that is not the only thing I have done in this past month but I think it is a good start. I will make another post very soon. Thanks for reading my blog!!!