Friday, December 19, 2008

My 5 Year Plan

I know that you are probably expecting this post to be about goals Eddie and I have in the next five years in regards to our finances and our lifestyle....... although we do have those goals, that is not what this post is about.
The 5 year plan I am talking about is in regards to Christmas decoration, more specifically ornaments. I know that most people enjoy decorating their Christmas tree with the same theme ever year. NOT ME!!! I enjoy decorating the tree with a different color and theme every year. Now, I know what you are thinking “Can’t that get expensive having to buy new ornaments every year?" (At least that is what Eddie says) and yes it can. So that is how I came up with my 5 year plan.
You see, for the last three years we have bought new ornaments with different colors and themes for the tree. I figured out if I continue to buy new/different ornaments for two more years (making a total of 5 years worth of ornaments totaling about 10 to 15 different colors/themes). I will not have to purchase new ornaments for another 5 to 7 years after that and still be able to have a different themed Christmas tree until the year 2017. How is all that possible you ask? Because of all the mixing and matching I will be able to do with such a large variety. I know Eddie is rolling his eyes as he reads this post but I think it is a great/ logical Idea (logical for a woman that is obsessed with decorating at least).
Now to support my idea I am posting pictures of our currently decorated tree and home, so that you can see how cute it is and leave you wanting to see cool and new it will look next year. ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preparing For Christmas

Unlike my wonderful but scrooge-like husband, I start getting excited about Christmas mid October and continue to build my excitement up until the day it finally arrives. I am still a five year old at heart when it comes to this wonderful holiday season, so you can imagine that everything that we do from the day after Thanksgiving to the end of the year has a Christmas theme to it. Our last date night was no exception. We decided it would be fun to stay home and build a ginger bread house and start making holiday treats for your friends. Of course I took a bunch of picture to share.
After we assembled the four walls and the roof of the house we had to wait 15 minutes for it to dry. Eddie was not happy about that.

It is amazing how two adults can make a ginger bread house look like a 5 year old made it. Eddie was very excited about the caramels we were about to make.
Yummy!!!! Chocolate covered pretzels.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

I know this post is like..... 10 or 20 days late and everyone else has already done their pre and post Thanksgiving blog entries and have also done their pre Christmas post. I could make up some really interesting excuse as to why it has taken me so long but, In all reality I have been having a great holiday season that has included a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, fun times with friends and family, decorating my house for the holidays and NOT SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY!!!! I can honestly say that the last thing on my mind has been making a entry on my blog. but today I actually have a moment to do a post so I thought I would show you some fun pictures of Thanksgiving dinner that we had at my little sister's house. This was her first year hosting Thanksgiving, she made a turkey that was to die for. Eddie's parents and Mike's mother joined us in the celebration. To top the evening off we played guitar hero. We even got Larry to sing "Hotel California". It was so much fun. I feel truly blessed to have a great Kerr,Greenwood and In family that all get along. Here are the photos I took .......enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Much Needed Family Portraits

I believe the last time the Kerr family had professional portraits done was the early 90's, maybe even late 80's. Needless to say we were well over do for some high quality family portraits.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall landscape and have our pictures taken outside at Memory Grove. Steve from Shutter Bugz did a wonderful job taking our photos and getting the two dogs to look at him. It was a really fun day and the Portraits turned out great. Here are some of the wonderful portraits he took.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at our up to date Kerr family Portraits!!!!!!

For those of you who are wondering "What about the Greenwood's?" no need to worry we have family Portraits scheduled for December when The Ashli, Brian and the girls come down. I am very excited about these photos and as soon as we get the proofs I will post them. Have a great day!!!!!