Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, if you are to get a good grade in this class you must understand what is expected of you. In turn you will know what to expect from us. This is our blog. Which by now most of know is short for "web-log". So, we call it blog. We want to tell the world everything about us... well not everything, I guess we just want to tell you only thing good warm fuzzy smile memory things. And I suppose the serious things too. Needless to say, this "blog" is going to be censored. What ever you read, is because we meant you to read it.

Now, we understand there is a lot to catch up on. Who is Eddie, and who is Brittany? And who are these "Greenwoods" and most importantly why is it important to us? Well, we want to answer those questions, we really do. However this is just a blog. Not a book. So, we will start from NOW and go from there. We will assume you already know Eddie and Brittany. We want to tell you about us, together as Greenwoods. Besides prerequisite to Greenwoodology 101 was Eddie101 and Brittany101. If you feel you are in the wrong class please see your councilor.

This is our first post, so pictures, videos, color, and special internet effects have not been added yet, but please come to class eager to see those things next time. For now, this is a start, we will post from here. Welcome and good luck, enjoy, and God Bless!