Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5K Vigor Utah 7/16/2011

About 5 months ago I had mentioned to my cousin CJ that I really wanted to do a 5K, She said she would do one with me and after that she found Vigor Utah.
The Vigor Utah is a 5K military style obstacle course with other "minute to win it" challenges along the way!!! For the race we were required to have team of four, so we recruited my dad and sister to complete our team!!!
I really love the fact that we were able to make this a family affair, although my mother and my sister's husband Mike did not race with us, they ran around the course with us taking pictures and video (Eddie was there with us in spirit because he had to work)!!! I want to take a moment to thank them both for not only cheering us along, but taking great images for us to remember the great time!!!

This picture was taken right before the race!!! We are all excited to run our butt's off ;)

On your marks, get set GO!!!!! As we left the starting line we ran down a hill towards the cottonwood swimming pool, along the way we had to stop and do a bucket head challenge. For this challenge we had to have one teammate hold a bucket on their head (Desi) while the other three teammates tossed balls into the bucket. Once you were able to get three balls into the buck (which I got 2 in and Dad got one) You we given a raw egg that had to finish the race with you. From there we ran to the pool, where Dad jumped in and retrieved a driving stick in which we exchanged for a brick. The brick like the raw egg had to finish the race with us. Then we turned back around and ran back up the hill towards the obstacle course section of the race (where mom and mike were waiting to take more pictures). Along the way back up the hill we had to do a card ninja challenge where one of your teammates had to throw a playing card into a watermelon half and get it to stay. Lucky we had my Ninja cousin CJ on our team and she got the card to stick on the first try. Once we reached the the top of the hill we had to cross into some dirt property where we ran down to the bottom of another steep hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a poster with the names of the first 10 Presidents. We had to memorize this list and climb up another steep hill, at the top you had to tell a little lady all 10 names and if you get them wrong you had to go back down the hill and try again. Our strategy for this challenge was to divide the names up so that each of us would only need to remember 2 to 3 names each. And besides a small moment were Destiny had to help dad, it paid off and we did not have to go back down the hill. At that point they gave us a helium balloon with no sting that had to finish the race with us, along with brick and raw egg. If at any point you lost any of these items you had to do extra challenges. We were lucky enough to keep all three items safe. From here we did the military obstacle course section of it, which were both fun and challenging.

After we finished the obstacle course section of it we ran back down to the park. Once at the park we slide down a soapy slip and slide.

Our final challenge was to blindfold Destiny give her the raw egg, the brick and the balloon. Destiny then had to take the balloon and put it in a tent, drop the raw egg off in a egg carton, gift wrap the brick and drop it in another spot. The only thing we could do to help her was yell out direction from a distance. Destiny did an amazing job!!! She ran when we said run, she turned when we asked her to and she gift wrapped the brick in style. I was amazed how much she trusted us. Then it was a dash to the finish line!!!

Here we are at the starting line after the race!!!

Look at us all sport our cool new shirts!!!

We all had an amazing time and are look forward to doing it again next year!!! We are also hoping to do the Vigor Winter! Should be CHILL TIME ;) I know I am a dork!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My 50's Photo Shoot

As most of you know, I LOVE Marilyn Monroe and pretty much anything vintage. Well, I thought it would be really fun to do a 50's pin-up girl inspired photoshoot. And since I have an amazing Photographer as a sister-in-law it was a pretty easy thing to accomplish. From gathering costumes to doing my hair, make-up and a four hour photoshoot I had a blast!! Thank you Beckah for making me feel beautiful!!!

If you like these images you should check out more amazing images from Beckah at Laine Images

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playing Catch-up!!!

Well it has been three months since my last post and although I was hoping that I would not get is far behind, but that's how it is.....

So, I guess I will start with May!

The first week of May was my sweet little niece London's third birthday!!! She had a "Garden Fairy" theme and to go along with that theme I made her a garden fairy cake (which was very fun to make)!!! Here is some pictures of the cake and the party!!!

I was also asked by my good friend Sam to make some graduation cake-pops for her nephew's graduation party. I made just over 100 of them and I think that they turn out really cute.

And of course there was Mother's Day!!! For the world best Mother a.k.a Debbie a.k.a my mom we had dinner at my house where we showered her with gifts and complements. And for the world's best Mother-in-Law we did Red Lobster which was so yummy!!! Eddie and I are very lucky to have these two amazing women as mothers.