Thursday, April 2, 2009

April through December

April seems to mark the start of busy times for Eddie and I. And We continue to stay busy until December 31st. So realistically Eddie and I only have three months out of the year (January through March) where we don't have 'A lot on our plates'. Even then we are celebrating my Father's, Eddie's Father's and my Mother's Birthdays and a super bowl party.
I thought it would be fun to give everyone an idea of how busy we really are.

*** Please note: This schedule does not include Kickboxing that happens every Tuesday, impulsive/crazy/last minute things Eddie and I choose to do or anything I have forgotten ***

  • Eddie's 26th birthday (on the 6th) we will be having two get togethers' and a date night.
  • Camping with Bryce and Sam towards the end of the month
  • Easter celebrations with the two families.


  • Camping in Moab with Niel and Sarah
  • London's 1st Birthday
  • Mothers day
  • Memorial weekend (we will probably have a BBQ)

June: ( this is when we really start to get busy)

  • Destiny's Bridal Shower
  • Going to Sun valley for our 2 year anniversary
  • Father's Day
  • My Mother-in-law's Birthday
  • BBQ with friends
  • Camping trip
  • Beckah and I start a booth at the farmers market


  • Fourth of July celebrations
  • Sam's Birthday
  • Joan's Birthday
  • Dayn's Birthday
  • Destiny's Bachelorette Party in Park City
  • Camping at mirror lake with Bryce and Sam
  • Craig's Birthday celebration in Jackson hole where we will be white water rafting.
  • Destiny and Mikes rehearsal dinner.
  • Beckah and I have a a booth at the farmers market


  • Destiny and Mikes Wedding on the 1st.
  • Big Group camping trip.
  • More camping
  • BBQ and Movie night out in the back yard under the stars
  • Farmer's market booth
  • Rachelle's birthday
  • Anita's Birthday


  • My Birthday (we all know that is a month long celebration)
  • The Utes football season starts and we have season tickets
  • Labor Day celebrations
  • Putting in our last bit of camping for the season
  • Farmers market booth


  • Destiny's Birthday
  • Mike's Birthday
  • Our 4th annual Murder mystery Halloween party
  • More Utes football
  • End of farmers market


  • Beckah's Birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas shopping
  • Holiday work parties
  • Crazy holiday stuff


  • Christmas Shopping
  • Crazy Holiday Stuff
  • Christmas

So there you have it my peeps.... We are busy for the rest of the year. I am not complaining it should be fun.



TysonandMarthaGerber said...

SOOO organized! Man what a fun scheduled. Take lots of pictures and love every moment of it.

love ya!

Jujusma said...

You got our bdays wrong. :(

JeanieB said...

Can we at least get together for dinner sometime? - Jeanie